If you have a Patient Partner opportunity for a patient-oriented research team, OR a patient participant opportunity, please complete the form below with details of your engagement project. Patients, family members, caregivers or community members who are interested will be able to submit their contact information to you. Individuals may also choose to contact you directly using the details you provide.
Please note that:
  • On average it takes approximately six weeks to connect with Patient Partners who may be interested in your research project. Please take this timeframe into consideration when posting your engagement opportunity.
  • You will be expected to communicate with each individual who expresses an interest in your research opportunity. Please remember to notify all applicants to let them know if they have been selected to be part of your research team or not.
  • The Patient Engagement Team will review your submission and upload the information to the Patient & Researcher Connection Site. If coaching or clarification of opportunity details is required, they will contact you to follow up within two business days.
  • You will be advised when your research opportunity has been posted to the website. It will be taken down on the deadline that you indicate.
  • If you need to extend your deadline, repost an opportunity, or if you have any questions about completing this form, please contact the Patient Engagement Team at SCPOR at
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