A Patient Partner is a person who has had a recent experience being a patient (or a family member, friend, or caregiver of a patient) who helps improve services based on patient and family identified needs. Patient Partners partner with staff and research teams to make improvements to help shape health care and health research. Patient Partners become partners in the committee or research project and can be actively engaged in governance, priority setting, developing research questions, and even performing certain parts of the research itself. This type of participation helps to ensure that our work and research being conducted is relevant and valuable to the patients that it affects. Patient partners can also collaborate to summarize or share the results with target audiences (especially other patients) and with policy makers or other decision makers who may apply the results in a health or community setting. (Adapted from CIHR – Patient Engagement.)
The opportunities listed below are seeking Patient Partners to be committee or research team members. Each opportunity outlines the time commitment, supports that will be provided and other key information. Please click to review each opportunity and express your interest if you feel you are a match!
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Position: Patient Partner or Participant
Location: TBD
Contact: TBD
Close Date: TBD
A patient participant is a person who has had a recent experience being a patient (or family member of a patient) who takes part in a research study. This could include completing surveys or interviews, taking part in focus groups, or provides data for research projects.
The opportunities posted in this section are for patients and community members to be participants in research projects.
The following external opportunities have been brought to our attention through the patient-oriented research community. Clicking on the links may take you to an external website.
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